Group Cooking Classes

Cooking in a group promotes development of new cooking skills, encourages healthy eating patterns and provides the added benefit of engaging participants in spirited community and conversation.

Classes can be arranged in your school, church, home or other location.  They can be tailored to the season, special needs, healthcare issues or a theme.

Cookware, recipes, printed materials an of course the foods are all included in Group Cooking Classes.

Sample classes include:
  • Introduction to Plant-Based Cooking
  • The Joy of Soy
  • Herbs: "The Physicians of the Field"
  • Teen Vegetarian Cooking: Sassy & Satisfying
  • Fall Festive
  • Getting Back to Our Roots

Individual Consulting

Individual consultation provides an indepth assessment of one's nutritional status.  A treatment plan can be developed in collaboration with your physician.  Health history, lifestyle and food preferences are taken into account whn designing a unique nutrition action plant for conditions such as:
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Daibetes
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Food Allergies

Presentations & Demonstrations

Epicurean entertainment seasoned with a dash of education is available
on a varieyt of themes including: Heart Healthy, Meals in a Hurry,
Gluten-free Gourment, and Season's Eatings.

Demonstrations include samples of the healthy cuisine prepared
during the presentation.

For information on prices, locations and dates please
contact Betty Holloway at
(262) 442-1079 or
NUTRIphoria, LLC